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Nov 7, 2019

Adam Carte: the Crossover CEO

Chief Executive

In this interview, Luminoso CEO Adam Carte discusses how his career start in finance led him on a journey working across diverse industries, ultimately paving the way for a role in tech leadership.

Jun 12, 2019

Women in AI: Ying Chen, CPO, Luminoso

Authority Magazine, Medium

In this Authority Magazine / Medium feature, Ying Chen, Luminoso CPO, talks exciting AI industry trends, career lessons, and mentors.

Dec 6, 2018

New Approaches To Mitigating Bias In Artificial Intelligence

AI Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are susceptible to bias, since they're built by humans. In this article, get an introduction to why AI is typically biased, different approaches to reducing bias in these systems, and the value and good that comes from mitigating bias.

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