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For search

Search Enhancement with Luminoso brings the flexibility and nuance of AI-powered natural language understanding to your search engine. Surface the right search results, when they're most needed, with the help of the only unsupervised, generalized text analytics solution.

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For customer experience professionals

Without knowing what underlies customer ratings and scores, it’s impossible to take corrective action or uncover emerging issues hiding in feedback – before customers leave.

With Luminoso, you learn what drives metrics and identify gaps in your customer journey, so you can retain and keep customers happy.

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For product managers

Customers report problems with digital products in many ways: support centers, reviews, and even unofficial forums and social media. 

Luminoso makes it possible to analyze unstructured text in minutes, so you can quickly uncover the issues that are most critical to your customers – and your business.

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For field service

Global manufacturers and field service organizations create large amounts of maintenance records every day – but how can your teams use that knowledge to improve efficiency and uptime?

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For contact centers

An efficient, effective contact center is a cornerstone for high customer satisfaction and loyalty - but contact centers today aren’t doing a great job of quickly or easily resolving issues.

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