Luminoso for customer experience

To improve satisfaction and loyalty, you need to know what's moving customer ratings up or down. With Luminoso, you can easily uncover emerging issues and learn what's driving your metrics.

Retain and keep customers happy

We take your Voice of the Customer surveys and find out what issues are most important to your customers – even emerging issues that your current tools miss. We do this in minutes – no training, no setup, no maintenance – so you can quickly identify, prioritize, and fix gaps in the customer journey.

Metrics are vital signs – not diagnoses

Customer experience (CX) teams rely heavily on metrics to gauge loyalty, trends, and satisfaction. But without knowing what drives them, and what new issues have emerged, how can you identify what matters most to customers now?


Increased revenue, happier customers

Left unaddressed, emerging issues snowball quickly and negatively impact customer metrics – a direct cause of lost revenue. With Luminoso, get ahead of issues before you lose customers.


Cut costs and let staff drive value

Forget reading and monitoring the never-ending stream of feedback. Reassign staff to react when important issues arise – instead of playing damage control.


Prioritize fixes based on what matters most

Luminoso immediately shows you which issues have the most impact so your CX teams can quickly locate and mend journey gaps that drive away customers.

Customer stories

Office supplies retailer

This retailer was losing valuable staff hours to review over 200 comments per week for a standing Net Promoter Score survey – but had no in-depth feedback insights. Using Luminoso, the company analyzed over 130,000 pieces of customer feedback, discovering what drove scores pertaining to customer service, order delivery, and communication. By quickly detecting emerging problems being experienced by their customers, the company was able to quickly remediate problems in the payment system and shopping experience before sales conversion rates decreased.

Global consumer electronics company

This market leader sought to analyze global user feedback in near-real time for a wearable technology product rollout. It needed to identify, categorize, and label intent, as well as find and track emerging issues to provide immediate resolution. With Luminoso, its teams uncovered complaints about unknown product damage and defects, monitored trends over time, and quickly identified and solved emerging issues.

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